High Pressure Homogenizers

Microfluid Process Equipment, a prominent name in the industry, is your trusted companion for present day High Pressure Homogenizers. As a main manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we specialise in offering progressive answers that redefine precision and performance in numerous industries.

Our High Pressure Homogenizers are at the vanguard of technological innovation, catering to the complicated needs of industries across India and beyond. Engineered with a focus on precision, these homogenizers play a pivotal role in particle length reduction and emulsification methods.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our High homogenizers exemplify precision engineering. Whether you’re in prescribed drugs, biotechnology, or meal processing, our homogenizers supply most excellent performance, ensuring steady and dependable effects in each software.

The versatility of our High Pressure Homogenizers makes them fundamental in various industries. From pharmaceutical formulations requiring uniform particle length to meals processing demanding easy emulsions, our homogenizers adapt seamlessly to the precise demands of every zone.

As producers, we adhere to the very best quality requirements for each of our High Pressure Homogenizers. The air piston layout guarantees dependable and efficient homogenization, assembly the stringent needs of numerous industries.

Ice Cream Plant homogenizers

Our dedication extends past borders, and as exporters, we ensure the timely transport of our superior era to industries worldwide. Microfluid Process Equipment is a name you may accept as true with for precision, reliability, and innovation.

Elevate your processes with our High Pressure Homogenizers that redefine reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. Trust in the excellence of Microfluid Process Equipment for all your homogenization needs. We are not just providing equipment; we are delivering solutions crafted to enhance the performance and efficiency of modern industrial processes.

Microfluid’s two-stage high-pressure homogenizer, a positive displacement reciprocating pump manufacturing with state-of-the-art technology for customized solutions for many applications. It is manufactured by using high-quality materials and standard industry practice. Our high-quality and low-maintenance unit will reduce your downtime and increase the profitability.


Features Up to
Power 1.49 KW
Pressure 250 Bar
Flow rate 400 LPH


FeaturesUp to
Power2.20 KW
Pressure250 Bar
Flow rate500 LPH


FeaturesUp to
Power3.67 KW
Pressure250 Bar
Flow rate600 LPH


FeaturesUp to
Power5.51 KW
Pressure250 Bar
Flow rate600 LPH


FeaturesUp to
Power7.45 KW
Pressure250 Bar
Flow rate1400LPH


FeaturesUp to
Power9.2 KW
Pressure250 Bar
Flow rate1600LPH
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